Acrylic Cut-offs
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Clear Acrylic Lucite and Plastic sheet
We have extra material we sell as cut-offs.

All pieces are film masked to protect from scratching while in stock and shipping.

We hand pick to order from proper thickness needed and ordered from each cut-off bin.

Sizes can range from 3"- 8" wide to 6"- 14" long.

Edge Finishes we offer

We offer three types of edge finishes

1st is a standard clean sawcut edge in which small saw blade marks are visable but can be used for a good bonding edge.

2nd is a routed edge which the saw marks are removed for a clean edge which is great for bonding acrylic and lucite together.

3rd is a polished edge which w use our polishing tourch to get the glass like edge. This edge is also after it has been routed. Not a good edge for bonding due to the heat stress caused by the heat.

​#2 & #3 edge finishes will be quoted with some labor time added.
Acrylic Edge Finishes Saw Cut, Routed, and Polished
We can quote custom sizes, thicknesses and quanitities